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This method can strengthen the quality inspection and control of aluminum alloy die casting
- 2020-06-09-

The aluminum alloy die-casting parts produced by aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers have good characteristics and realize the perfect properties of lightness and strongness. However, there are gains and certain losses. These products produced by aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers often have some defects. In order to prevent defective products from flowing into the hands of customers,Aluminum die casting plantHome needs to conduct multiple quality inspections. Aluminum alloy die casting is a production process that integrates multiple production factors. In this process, the quality of die castings may be affected by one link. These links include the raw materials of die castings, production procedures, and quality control of die castings. From these The quality of die-casting parts can be guaranteed by controlling in the links. Therefore, quality inspection and control are very important. It includes the following links:

Raw materials for die casting:

The inspectors screen and inspect the raw materials of the die-casting parts to prevent the occurrence of unqualified materials to prevent quality problems in the production process of the die-casting parts. The high-quality raw materials are related to the high-quality suppliers. The raw materials provided are the guarantee of stable production.

Die casting quality analysis:

Quality analysis includes three aspects, namely appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. It mainly analyzes the appearance, size, composition, etc. of die-casting parts, and judges which production link will affect the quality of die-casting parts from the analysis, so as to improve.

Strict management measures. Only with strict management measures can reasonable production be realized. The management measures are like a framework that restricts the production process and improves the orderliness of production.

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