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The process of inspecting rough parts in aluminum alloy die casting plants
- 2020-06-08-

In the process of producing die-casting parts, aluminum alloy die-casting plants need to set up multiple inspection procedures to ensure that the products are qualified. As a one-time molded product, the inspection of the just die-casting blanks is a crucial inspection. , Because if the aluminum alloy die-casting plant cannot find defective products at this time, the later the loss will be greater, and it will also affect the recycling.

When an aluminum alloy die-casting factory inspects die-casting parts, the first thing to check is the integrity of the appearance of the product. There should be no under-casting, cracks, bubbles, looseness and any penetrating defects. For scratches, dents, lack of meat and net-like burrs, etc. Defects should meet the requirements negotiated between the aluminum alloy die-casting plant and the customer, and then whether the gate, flash, overflow, and ejector marks of the die-casting parts are cleaned up, and whether the remaining traces are within the specified size of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant.