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Why is die-casting an aluminum alloy die-casting product so expensive?
- 2020-06-11-

According to the experience of Jie Aosi editor, the majority of customers on the market have encountered a common trouble. When purchasing aluminum alloy die-casting products, everyone will always encounter each manufacturer's quotation one after another, which is very different. So why is the price of the same product evaluated by each aluminum alloy die-casting supplier so different? For an aluminum alloy die-casting product, some people offer 11 yuan, some people offer 5 yuan, what you see is the price difference is half and it looks almost the same Products, but you can’t seeAluminum alloy die castingThe cost behind the product and the reliability of future use.

As the saying goes, what you pay for is what you pay for. Every industry will have manufacturers with higher prices, and there will also be manufacturers with cheaper prices. You may know better if you use an analogy with JieAusi Die Casting.Aluminum alloy die casting productsCompared with Dongguan's aluminum alloy die-casting products, the positioning of each region is different. The quality of aluminum alloy die-casting products made in Dongguan is generally not that good, and the positioning is good. Dongguan aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers are generally professional Our die-casting factories have good quality awareness, and the aluminum alloy die-casting products they make are all high-end. So it is conceivable why the prices are so different. The point still depends on the size of the company.

Often customers think that the cheap price is an important condition, and think that they are getting benefits, but are they really getting benefits? Because aluminum alloy suppliers who often offer very low prices are actually small workshop companies

First, the die-casting machine is not fully equipped, the die-casting processing technology is immature, it is not a 24-hour production, the production efficiency is extremely low, and the production plan cannot be completed on time.

Second, there is insufficient human resources, and there will be a situation where one person has multiple jobs. Large companies have refined jobs, simplified production, and there is no guarantee in service.

Fourth, as a die-casting manufacturer, it is necessary to have high-quality suppliers and actively cooperate with the production. However, companies with small workshops often do not possess this authority, which will often extend the production cycle and harm the interests of customers.