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Unexpectedly, the development trend of aluminum alloy die casting plants in 2020 will be like this
- 2020-06-10-

According to the editor of Jie Aosi, in these years of development, the market for aluminum alloy die-casting processing is getting better and better, and aluminum alloy die-casting parts are widely used. Firstly, driven by the trend of automobile lightweight, secondly, due to With the development of the global die casting industry, the demand for aluminum alloy die castings in various industries is increasing. Third, driven by the trend of global economic integration, the global die-casting production center has gradually shifted to China, and the domestic die-casting industry is showing a trend of rapid development. That is to say, the continuous expansion of the production capacity of my country's aluminum alloy die casting industry is driven by the market, and it is fundamentally different from the overcapacity caused by the expansion of the production capacity of the entire casting industry in my country. However, this year’s aluminum alloy die-casting processing market is particularly tragic. Let’s talk about the development trend of aluminum alloy die-casting plants in 2020.

In recent years, the output of aluminum alloy die castings has continued to rise, the industry has developed rapidly, market competition has been fierce, raw material prices have skyrocketed, product costs have soared, and profit margins have shrunk. However, the die casting industry is facing serious challenges this year. Due to the impact of the domestic epidemic, under official control, we implemented a nationwide quarantine, and most of the die-casting plants had to suspend work. Fortunately, under the correct official measures, we quickly contained the epidemic and began to gradually resume work. However, a large-scale epidemic broke out in foreign countries at this time. Many places began to follow our example and implemented blockades and shutdowns. This caused many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers to resume work without resuming production. They could only resume work and stop work, and the whole plant had a holiday. .

Up to now, foreign countries have only just begun to lift their quarantine, but many people abroad do not have the habit of saving money. After several months of quarantine, they may be trapped. In the next period of time, their spending power will definitely be greatly increased. It will take a short time for the aluminum alloy die-casting processing market to return to a normal level. To sum up, aluminum alloy die-casting processing was "more wolves and less meat" in the first half of the year. The intensity of competition is very fierce, and it will continue for a long time. .

The company has more than 20 die-casting machines ranging from 88T to 800T, imported CNC machining centers, fully automatic production equipment, and a number of post-processing supporting equipment, etc., from mold development to electroplating, spraying and surface treatment are completed by the company. The main production is various Specifications of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy precision die-casting products, the industries involved include: kitchen appliances, smart security, smart home, office supplies, communication electronics, new energy vehicles, power tools, etc. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and has a complete Supporting testing equipment, such as: 3D, 2.5D, material composition tester, color difference tester, film thickness tester, hardness tester, etc.