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High-quality zinc alloy die-casting plants can be seen through these points
- 2020-06-23-

The collection of information related to the procurement industry by Jie Aosi Xiaobian reflects that not only has the proportion of procurement in sales revenue increased, but procurement has gradually become a key factor in determining the success or failure of electronic manufacturers.

The production level of zinc alloy die-casting plants is inconsistent, and there are uneven phenomena in the industry. So how to choose the right zinc alloy die-casting plant to make no mistakes? So today, Jieaosi Die Casting will help you quickly identify high-quality suppliers and help you achieve high-quality die-casting customization! Next, we will understand several key points to correctly identify high-quality die-casting plants.

Of course, it must be considered that rich die-casting experience can ensure targeted solutions to difficult problems encountered in the production process. The more experience accumulated, the more preventive and solving measures can be taken to ensure that the zinc alloy Production quality of die casting. Product quality is the quality assurance of the zinc alloy die-casting plant. If the product quality is good, the reputation will be higher. The reputation of a die-casting plant in the industry is good, indicating that the quality in all aspects must be guaranteed.

Honesty is the guarantee of transactions and the cornerstone of the development of die-casting plants. People who have no credibility cannot establish themselves without the basis of honesty. Then there is no development in this industry. Only manufacturers with honesty have room for development.

Small die-casting plants have limited production personnel and limited machinery and equipment, so the production capacity will also be limited. Die-casting plants with a certain scale have many production personnel, clear positions and well-equipped machines, which can cooperate with die-casting production to achieve rapid shipment The effect, and at the same time, what are the advantages?

1. The shape design of the product is highly flexible; using high-speed and high-pressure molding technology, the product has good compactness and uniform internal microstructure;

2. The heat source of the product has high flatness and fast heat dissipation and long service life;

3. Made of aluminum alloy material with low density, high strength, excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance;

4. The surface treatment method is flexible, and the appropriate surface treatment process can be selected according to the harshness of the use environment and the user's preference;

The density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm3, which is about one third of the density of steel (7.85g/cm3) and the density of copper (8.9/cm3). It is a light metal, but it is better than steel in terms of strength and corrosion resistance. And copper is much higher. Moreover, under the same load weight, the use of aluminum die castings can improve the utilization of space and facilitate transportation.