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Find aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers in Dongguan District
- 2020-06-20-

There are many die-casting plants in Dongguan, but when it comes to specialty, it is of course our Dongguan Jieaosi die-casting plant. Due to the continuous development of modern science and technology, we can also see many Jieaosi die-casting advertisements on the Internet. At that time, some people would choose a nearby die-casting plant for cooperation for convenience. However, there are still many people who do not use distance as a criterion for selection, but to see whether a company is worthy of cooperation by examining its comprehensive strength. For example, Jie Aosi, a die-casting plant near Dongguan, often encounters some customers from other provinces and even foreign customers to cooperate with it. So what exactly is the strength of our die-casting plant, JieAusi?

In fact, Jieaosi Die Casting entered the die-casting industry since its founding in 11 years, dedicated to the production of zinc and aluminum alloy die castings. In 2011, Jieaosi Die Casting was founded and the original intention of establishing a die-casting factory was to help more high-end customers. The group customized more high-quality die-casting parts, so that Jie Aosi Die Casting has achieved today's achievements. Over the years, Jieaosi Die Casting has always placed the interests of its customers at the core. From a workshop company with continuous expansion and continuous improvement of management, to the current plant area of ​​8,000 square meters, 200 die-casting production teams, 20 die-casting machines, and all of them It is a powerful manufacturer using semi-automatic production equipment. In order to help customers customize more high-quality die-casting parts, thereby helping customers reduce production costs, Jieaosi Die Casting has not only set up independent mold rooms, but also has its own surface treatment processing plant to allow die-casting production All processes can be independently controlled, and it can also realize independent ordering, and realize fast delivery under the premise of stable quality.

Jieaosi is a company specializing in metal die-casting gears, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting, household appliances hardware accessories, coffee machine hardware accessories, mixer hardware accessories, kitchen appliances die-casting parts, smart security die-casting parts, smart home lock handles, household appliances die-casting parts , Smart lock die-casting parts, gear box reducer, lock accessories, alloy gears, small household appliances accessories, motor end covers, motor brackets, power tool accessories, safe accessories, precision zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting and machining.