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Teach you three factors to control the cost of zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-07-09-

There are more and more die-casting factories in Dongguan, and the competition is getting more and more fierce. Nowadays, when prices are so transparent, only by controlling their own internal production costs can the company's stable development be ensured. At present, with the promotion of automated die-casting production equipment, more and more die-casting plants are beginning to export zinc alloy die-casting. The surface quality of die-casting parts is high, the dimensional accuracy is high, the waste rate is high, the scope of application is wide, and the skill level of workers is low, which greatly reduces The labor intensity of workers has improved the working environment. But its disadvantage is that the achievements of die-casting can make Dongguan die-casting factory control the production cost under the premise of ensuring quality and stable production capacity! In order to reduce the cost of zinc alloy die-casting, you can consider the equipment, raw materials, die-casting process, etc.

(1) In production, two trends must be overcome: on the one hand, blindly increase the strength to ensure quality, thereby increasing the cost of casting, thereby causing waste; on the other hand, reducing the strength to ensure cost, resulting in poor quality. The stable and wide fluctuation range makes the quality of zinc alloy die-casting greatly affected by raw materials and operators. The die-casting plant should determine the appropriate final strength according to its own conditions, so as to save raw materials and reduce the cost of die-casting to a greater extent while ensuring the quality of zinc alloy die-casting.

(2) Determine the appropriateDie castingProcess and yield directly affect the cost of zinc alloy die-casting. A suitable die-casting process can not only ensure the quality of zinc alloy die-casting, but also reduce the cost of die-casting. It is costly and one of the direct measures to reduce the casting reject rate.

3. The correct selection of raw materials is the basis for reducing the cost of zinc alloy die-casting. The choice of raw materials has a greater impact on the cost of die casting, which has been recognized by most of the peers, because the quality of raw materials affects the addition and consumption of various materials on the one hand, and the quality of castings on the other. other. Quality Index. A suitable and reliable zinc material manufacturer must be selected to ensure the quality and stability of the raw material of the die casting plant.

Under the current impact, workers are hard to find and will not control costs, leading to high costs. Traditional manual pickups are not only low in efficiency, high in failure rate, but also high in risk factors. The promotion of automated production equipment can not only It saves manpower and can replace manual pickup. Industrial robots can also expand the follow-up work such as inserts, slag bags, and punching handles, which can save the cost of 1 worker on the original basis. It is calculated as 2 shifts per day, 1 Annual cost can be saved between 160,000 and 200,000 yuan. In addition, automated production equipment has a low failure rate, which can reduce a breakdown and repair cost, and can also ensure product quality, which can improve production efficiency! It can also control the cost of zinc alloy die castings