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What kind of material should be used for high-quality aluminum alloy die castings
- 2020-07-08-

In customizationAluminum alloy die castingIn the process, many customers are thinking of finding a manufacturer with strong strength, stable product quality and good service to cooperate, so that not only high-quality die-casting parts can be obtained, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, as one of the commonly used die-casting parts, have been applied to many fields This is because aluminum alloy die castings have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., and their prices are relatively cheap, so it may be a long time in the future that aluminum alloy die castings will occupy the leading position in the die casting industry It's easy to cooperate! But what you want, how can you make high-end aluminum alloy die castings?

The so-called selection of good materials and good materials can make a good taste. If you want to make good aluminum alloy die-casting parts, you must choose high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy. Die-cast aluminum alloy usually contains silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, Manganese, nickel, titanium and other elements, the content of these elements will directly affect the performance of aluminum alloy die castings. For example, silicon can improve the casting performance of die-cast aluminum alloys, but excessive amounts will cause hard spots in aluminum alloy die castings. Make it difficult to cut; for example, zinc can improve the fluidity of die-cast aluminum alloys, but excessive amounts will increase the hot brittleness and reduce corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy die-castings; there is also iron, which is harmful in all aluminum alloys Substances will reduce the mechanical properties and fluidity of die-cast aluminum alloys, resulting in die-casting of aluminum alloys.

First, Dongguan Jieaosi Die-casting is a one-stop manufacturer focusing on private mold customization of high-end zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting parts. As long as customers provide product drawings or physical objects, Dongguan Jieaosi Die-casting can help you customize your products. Drawings and products that are the same as the real product.

Second, Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting has 200 die-casting production teams, 20 experienced die-casting technical teams, providing one-to-many customized services, and each project is tracked by a dedicated person to report the production progress to customers in a timely manner, so that customers Know the progress of product production anytime and anywhere.

Third,Dongguan Jieaosi Die CastingIt also has the "three major" service guarantee system, allowing customers to find custom-made zinc alloy die-casting parts of JieAusi Die-casting, and enjoy VIP-level VIP services in the die-casting industry, allowing customers to save time, effort, and worry, and happily cooperate with Huayin Die-casting !

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