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Exclusive decryption of the reasons for the blackening of intelligent security aluminum alloy die castings
- 2020-06-30-

In the process of our aluminum alloy production, I believe that every entrepreneur in aluminum alloy die-casting plants may encounter the phenomenon of moldy and blackening of intelligent security aluminum alloy die-casting parts after a long time. In the continuous development of the die-casting industry,Smart securityThe application of aluminum alloy die castings is becoming more and more extensive, but because aluminum alloy is very lively, although it has good fluidity and casting performance, but it is easy to turn black during use. Aluminum oxide processing intelligent security aluminum alloy die casting is generally With metal casting, metal aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, but they tend to turn black during use. What is the reason for this situation? How to preventSmart securityWhat about moldy aluminum alloy die castings? It’s time to increase knowledge. Today, JieAusi Die Casting is here to share with you the 5 major reasons that cause aluminum alloy die castings to turn black:

(1) The cleaning agent should not be used properly:

The selected cleaning agent is highly corrosive, causing corrosion and oxidation of die-cast aluminum.

(2) Inadequate warehouse management:

If the smart security aluminum alloy die-casting parts are stored at different heights in the warehouse, the moldy conditions are also different.

(3) Unreasonable process design:

Intelligent security aluminum alloy die castings are improperly handled after cleaning or pressure inspection, which creates conditions for moldy and black aluminum alloy die castings, and accelerates the growth of mildew.

(4) External environmental factors of aluminum alloy:

Aluminum is a lively metal, which is very easy to oxidize and turn black or mold under certain temperature and humidity conditions, which is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself.

(5)Smart securityInternal factors of aluminum alloy:

Many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers do not do any cleaning treatment after die-casting and machining processes, or simply rinse with water, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The surface of die-cast aluminum has residual corrosive properties such as mold release agent, cutting fluid, and saponification fluid. Substances and other stains, these stains speed up the blackening of mold spots on aluminum alloy die castings.

solveIntelligent security aluminum alloy die castingThe solutions for moldy and blackening are: From the analysis of the causes of moldy die-cast aluminum, it is not difficult for us to come to the conclusion that the anti-oxidation problem is not caused by a single factor, it involves internal and external, process, storage and other aspects. At the same time, all processes such as cleaning, pressure inspection, storage, transportation, etc. need to consider anti-oxidation. If there is a problem in any link, mold will grow for you. Therefore, this is a comprehensive problem and an overall solution needs to be developed. Piaojie environmental protection cleaning technology solves the problem of moldy aluminum alloy die castings from the perspectives of cleaning agent, antioxidant, process, storage environment, storage method, etc., and can provide anti-oxidation solutions for the various processes of die-cast aluminum cleaning, pressure inspection, and storage Program.