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What are the technological processes for custom zinc alloy household appliances die castings
- 2020-09-04-

Customized zinc alloy household appliances die-casting is one of the common die-casting processes. Because zinc alloy has excellent properties such as high specific gravity, wear resistance, good die-casting performance, and good surface treatment effect, the products manufactured through the zinc alloy die-casting process often have Precise and complex structure and dazzling appearance make zinc alloy die-casting products very popular, and many people want to understand the process of zinc alloy household appliances die-casting. Many customers feel that there are many processes when customizing zinc-alloy household appliances die-casting parts. , This series of processes will take a lot of time, but it is not as difficult as your phenomenon. Let's talk about it below.

So what are the technological processes for custom-made zinc alloy household appliances die castings? The general process is to design molds, make molds, make products by die-casting, tapping, polishing, surface treatment, full inspection, packaging and shipping. These processes are basic processes. Of course, each product is different, and some will have one or two more processes, such as CNC post-processing, or laser engraving and silk screen printing, etc. Each product has different processes and different prices. Since Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting is a large-scale one-stop zinc alloy die-casting plant, customized zincAlloy household appliances die castingTime can well control time and quality, provide one-stop production services, adequate personnel and machinery, and a good connection between process and process, which saves customers intermediate costs and time and speeds up delivery. Improve production quality.

andDongguan Zinc Alloy Household Appliances Die Casting FactoryAll die-casting process flow is in the hands of the company itself, from product mold design, product mold making, product die-casting, surface treatment, all processes are produced independently, not only the delivery quality is guaranteed, but the cost is more controllable!

These areZinc alloy household appliances die-castingThe general process of the die-casting process is self-evident, so if you want to make high-quality die-casting parts, it is more reliable to find a better die-casting factory. Dongguan Jieaosi Die-casting is a good choice.