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The die-casting plant must pay attention to these details, otherwise it will accelerate the reduction of the service life of the mold
- 2020-09-14-

As one of the important components of the die-casting production process, the mold can not only determine the quality of the die-casting product, but also ensure the production cost of the product. The die-casting process is integrally formed, so it seems very simple, but in the die-casting process , If you want high efficiency and good quality, you must pay attention to details! If the Dongguan die-casting plant does not pay attention to the following points during the processing process, it will accelerate the shortening of the service life of the mold:

No preheating during mold use:

The mold does not preheat the mold during the start of production, which leads to the appearance of tortoise cracks and accelerates the scrapping of the mold.

Use of mold cooling system:

In actual production, we often neglect its importance. The operators also try to save trouble. If it is too troublesome to connect and connect, we don't need to connect the cooling water pipe. Some companies even do not cool down in order to save costs when customizing the mold. Water, which caused very serious consequences. The material of the mold is generally made of special mold steel through various treatments, and even the best mold steels have their limits of use, such as temperature. When the mold is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause tortoise cracks on the surface of the mold core early. In some molds, tortoise cracks appear on a large scale even before more than 2000 molds. Even during the production of the mold, the color of the mold core has changed due to the high mold temperature, and even reached more than 400 degrees after measurement. This temperature is prone to cracks when the mold release agent is chilled. The produced product It is also prone to deformation, strain, and mold sticking.

Jieaosi Die CastingIt also has a complete quality supervision system, which conducts sp full inspection of products, and conducts various tests on products according to customer needs to meet various needs of customers! In the process of die-casting, every operator in the die-casting plant needs to keep the details in place to increase the yield of die-casting parts and achieve a multiplier effect!