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Take you to understand zinc aluminum alloy die casting
- 2021-03-12-

Are you interested in mold opening customization of zinc alloy die castings? The editor will take you step by step to understand zinc alloy die-casting technology?

In recent years, the rapid development of zinc alloy die-casting technology in my country has brought economic and market benefits that cannot be small. According to reports, zinc alloy die-casting technology has the following characteristics:

1. Relatively heavy.

2. Good casting performance, it can die casting with complex shape, thin wall and smooth surface.

3. Surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc.

4. When melting and die-casting, it does not absorb iron, does not corrode pressure, and does not stick to the mold.

5. It has good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance at room temperature.

6. Low melting point, easy to die casting.

To understand zinc alloy die castings, we must first understand some of the characteristics of zinc alloy. Zinc alloy plays an important role in zinc alloy die castings.

The main feature of zinc alloy die-casting is that the melting point of zinc alloy is low, and the melting process of zinc alloy occurs when the temperature reaches four hundred degrees, which is more conducive to the forming of zinc alloy die-casting. Zinc alloy will not attract iron during melting and die casting, and zinc alloy has good casting properties. In the die-casting process, many die-cast parts with complex shapes can be manufactured. After the die casting is completed, the surface of the casting looks very smooth. At the same time, the proportion of zinc alloy is relatively large.

Zinc alloy die-casting technology is widely used in the injection molding process, and its main advantage is to focus on improving the quality of castings. Anyone who knows zinc alloy die castings knows that in castings, runners and other materials are part of the casting, they have no use value in the casting, but these are still included in the cost of the casting. At the same time the alloy is also recyclable. Usually, these remaining materials will be returned to the original supplier in exchange for new materials. If the supplier does not carry out good treatment, it will cause air pollution and environmental hazards. There are many ways to restore zinc alloy die castings. Zinc alloy die castings are alloys with zinc as the main element, as well as other alloying elements, such as aluminum and copper. The manufacturing process of zinc alloy die castings is usually divided into two types, one is cast zinc alloy and the other is deformed zinc alloy. Each method has different characteristics for zinc alloy casting.

Zinc alloy die castings can complete many surface treatments. The main function is to add different colors to the surface of the die-casting parts to make the die-casting parts smoother, more beautiful and more refined. Zinc alloy die castings can be used for electroplating, baking paint, electrophoresis, oil spraying, powder spraying, spray paint, plastic spraying and passivation. Each casting has a different effect and will have a different feel. If you want a strong metal texture, you can choose to electroplated surface treatment.

Of course, choosing the right zinc alloy die casting manufacturer is also very important. Only when the manufacturer chooses the right one, zinc alloy die-casting parts can achieve high-quality production!