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What should I do if the zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting is defective?
- 2021-03-12-

When the zinc alloy die-casting mold is opened, there will still be many people who are not familiar with this technology. Generally speaking, zinc alloy die casting is a commonly used casting method. The process is that the die casting manufacturer uses a high pressure method to force the molten metal. Press into a metal mold with a complicated shape. Today, this casting method has been widely used in many fields. In the process of opening the zinc alloy die-casting mold, some situations will be encountered, which will cause some defects in the product. Next, I will introduce some common shortcomings and solutions.

The surface of the casting has patterns and traces of metal flow. Reason: The runner leading to the entrance of the casting is too shallow; the injection pressure is too high, which will cause the molten metal to splash. Adjustment method: deepen the gate; reduce the injection pressure.

There are small bumps on the surface of the casting. Reason: rough surface; scratches, pits and cracks on the inner surface of the cavity. Adjustment method: polishing the cavity; replacing or repairing the cavity.

There are push rod indentations on the surface of the casting, and the surface is not smooth and uneven. Reason: The push rod (ejector) is too long; the cavity surface is rough or has debris. Adjustment method: adjust the length of the push rod; polish the cavity to clean up debris and oil.

There are holes on the surface of the die casting. Cause: Too much lubricant; the vent is blocked. Adjustment method: use lubricating oil reasonably; add and repair the ventilation holes.

In such fierce market competition, the survival of the fittest is inevitable. Therefore, it is particularly important to cast better products to occupy a larger market. Manufacturers of zinc alloy die-casting mold openings need to continuously improve their die-casting technology. In the zinc alloy die-casting process, they have a good understanding of the causes and solutions of these common defects, and then pay attention to these links in the zinc alloy die-casting process. Try to avoid shortcomings, cast better products, attract more customers, and get greater profits.