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Understand the classification of gearbox reducers! !
- 2021-03-26-

The structure of the gear box reducer can be divided into cylindrical gear box, planetary gear box, worm gear box and so on. The function of the gearbox reducer is to increase the output torque while reducing the output speed of the micro motor. The torque output ratio can be obtained by multiplying the reduction ratio by the output of the micromotor. The characteristics of the gear reducer are compact structure, small return stroke, high precision, long service life, large rated output torque, large deceleration range, and small size.

Gearbox reducers are mainly used in products such as beauty equipment, robots, electronic locks, smartphone holders, printers, 3D pens and electric curtains.

Classification of gearbox reducer

(1) According to the type of transmission motor, it can be divided into gear reducer, DC motor, brush motor, brushless motor, stepping motor, ironless motor, etc.;

(2) According to the structure of the gearbox, it is divided into cylindrical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, turbine worm reducer, worm reducer, turbine reducer, etc.;

(3) According to the power of the gear reducer, it can be divided into high-power reducer and low-power reducer;

(4) According to the material, it can be divided into powder metallurgy gear reducer, machined gear reducer and plastic gear reducer.

The above is the structure of the gear reducer. For more information about micro DC motors, please continue to pay attention to JieAusi Precision Technology.