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How does the gearbox reducer prolong the service life of the machine?
- 2021-03-26-

The gearbox reducer is in high-speed operation, so some friction cannot be avoided during operation. Then, in order to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox reducer and its good fruit reduction effect, it must be lubricated. The lubrication of the gearbox reducer can not only reduce the transmission wear of the gearbox reducer, but also prevent the friction parts from rusting. The gearbox reducer is a kind of maintenance, and the grease should be replaced regularly as needed.

Reducer grease should be selected according to the working environment, load size, movement characteristics and friction form of the gearbox reducer. High-speed gears should use gear greases with low viscosity and good fluidity, low-speed gears should use gear greases with good wear resistance, and low-speed gears should use gear greases with a lower freezing point.

Gearbox reducer can extend the service life of the machine, we need regular maintenance and inspection, and must also have a good lubricant. Universal gearbox reducer grease is an ideal choice for everyone. So what are the benefits of grease for gearbox reducer?

1. Use gearbox reducer grease to reduce friction. Since grease can be used to form a protective film, it can help reduce metal contact friction and reduce wear.

2. A certain anti-scratch effect can be achieved. Because the parts may be elastically deformed during the operation of the gearbox reducer, the loss will be reduced and the service life will be reduced.

3. We need to explain to you that the gearbox reducer grease also has a certain noise reduction function. In addition, it can also be used as an anti-rust function. Therefore, more and more people start to like gearbox reducer grease.

Grease is widely used for the lubrication of various types of small motor gears. It has high requirements for lubricity and noise reduction. It has good low-temperature torque performance and can be used for high-speed, low-speed or variable-speed motors. The wear can be reduced by rational selection of materials such as friction pair materials. Lubricating oil has the functions of wear resistance, protection, sealing, rust prevention, unloading, shock absorption, lubrication, additives and structural material carriers.

Gear motor gear grease has excellent noise reduction, lubrication, wear resistance and durability. It is designed to meet the noise reduction and anti-wear requirements of plastic and metal gearboxes. The quality of our products is guaranteed and the varieties are diverse. Mainly include: Nano waterproofing agent, oil-free grease, noise reduction silicone grease, spherical grease, plastic grease, valve grease, contact grease, damping grease, anti-wear grease, production of molybdenum disulfide grease, etc.,