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With the development of the 5G era, in order to meet people's increasing demand for information interaction, the development of communication systems must assume the responsibility of achieving efficient communication. Due to the rapid development of microelectronics, computer technology, and network technology in recent years, digital communication technology has been realized, and the emergence of digital communication technology has solved the bottleneck of analog communication technology, and China's 5G development has begun to accelerate without any surprise. From 2G network to 5G network, from single antenna to MIMO, from conventional equipment to NB-IOT low-power transmission... Each stage of progress not only meets the needs of consumers for better and faster networks , It is constantly challenging the peak of human scientific research using electromagnetic waves. The difficulty of developing various parts of radio frequency communication continues to increase

We are currently in an information age, and more in-depth information technology applications such as cloud computing, AI, and the Internet of Things are also popular. There should be a trend that no one will question: "There will be more and more devices that need to be connected to the Internet. The trend of wireless , And the speed of wireless communication is getting faster. For example, smart home products, industrial Internet of Things equipment, smart city monitoring equipment, etc. that are currently being rapidly popularized...

Therefore, a basic conclusion can be drawn from the overall trend of the big industry: informatization and electronicization will become more and more popular, the scale of the industry itself is increasing, and the downstream sectors included are also increasing.

Then according to the trend of equipment networking, another conclusion can be drawn: companies that sell components that can send and receive wireless signals (that is, radio frequency) will inevitably have continuously expanding market demand, and network communication technology will continue to be updated with the needs of social development. Replacement. 5G network communication technology has made considerable progress in terms of data transmission rate and stability. It is an earlier communication technology at present, and its widespread application in the future will definitely have a very important impact on human development and progress.