Speed ​​ball

Speed ​​ball

Product Details

The shell of the high-speed dome camera is one of the components of the camera. It protects the computer and is an important small device; its accessories protect the high-speed camera in different aspects and are the guarantee for the normal shooting of the high-speed camera. High speed belongs to the security industry. The shell of Jie Aosi small dome camera, security is not for safety. Customized small dome shell, high-speed camera shell has many styles, high-speed dome shell is one of the components of the camera, which is effective for the computer The protective effect is an important small device.

High-speed dome shell hemisphere product details:

(1) Install 12 small infrared lamps or no infrared lamps.

(2) 38 network boards and customized POE boards can be installed.

(3) It can be installed with 38 and 42 motherboards, up to 3 layers of motherboards

(4) It can pass diameter 4.5-8 wire.

(5) You can choose with or without lampshade.

(6) It can directly mount a large CS lens plus IR-CUT plus a 3-layer motherboard.

(7) Waterproof grade IP66, grade IK10.

(8) There is room for expansion, and power board and control board can be installed.

(9) It can be equipped with manual focusing lens and CS large interface lens.