Dome shell

Dome shell

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Adopt 1.3 million 1/3 inch CMOS image sensor, F1.4 super large aperture, make the night monitoring effect better and bigger, support 1280×960@30fps real-time video output, low bit stream transmission, more resource saving (25 frames 720P bit stream 2M) Support various network protocols such as GB/T 28181, ONVIF, CGI, PISA, etc., the network is more convenient, the built-in 150-meter infrared lamp fill light, and the magnification and infrared lamp power matching algorithm are used, and the light fill effect is more uniform. Integrated structure design, aluminum alloy The outer shell is stronger and more durable. The vertical angle is -15°~90°. Large rotation range. It supports automatic flip all-aluminum heat dissipation design. It can adapt to the use environment of -40~70℃. IP66 protection grade. Built-in 6000V lightning protection, surge protection and protection Breakthrough protection Combination of multiple network monitoring methods (mobile phone, WEB, client), use more convenient and flexible network expansion capabilities, adapt to various network platform monitoring systems SD card local storage, solve network abnormal state monitoring and storage problems, support NAS Store the video, the video can be continuously transmitted after the network is interrupted. The high-performance infrared light is used to ensure long-term stable use

The camera housing is just the clothing of a camera. Without it, a camera cannot reflect its beauty. A camera housing also has many accessories. There are also many styles of camera housings, and different styles of accessories are different.

If you buy an indoor camera housing, you should choose a camera housing with a simple design. This housing not only chooses a good material, so that it can be used for a long time. In addition, it is more important that the indoor camera housing should be small and exquisite. Generally, the indoor configuration has a small 50 monitor Camera housing and small conch metal camera housing; why is the small conch camera housing said to be metal? Because the color of the metal is bright, the texture is round and smooth.. The furniture is very suitable.